Good thing the Republicans won, huh?

Now what will they do about President Obama’s executive order on immigration?

The Republicans won’t do anything about it, because they’re in favor of it. Oh, they’ll say they oppose it, and they’ll try to gain political advantage out of criticizing it. But really they think it’s just great. They get what they want, they get to blame Obama for it, and they get to run against it in two years. And as a bonus, doing it by executive order establishes a precedent.

Food not pols

It’s blisteringly stupid for the mayor of Fort Lauderdale (Jack Seiler, Democrat, and now National Idiot) to claim it’s illegal to feed people without government permission, and then to arrest people for doing so. I’ll offer anyone a sandwich, or maybe half a sandwich, anytime I want to.

A man could do worse if the only thing he ever did in his life was get sent to jail for feeding the homeless.

Clearing the bookmarks

Here are several that I haven’t managed to read yet:

Scottish independence

I know nothing about it, but I’m for it. “If the entire political class are convinced that Scottish independence will be a disaster, then I think we can be reasonably certain it will prove a boon…”

Here’s my touchstone; if everybody on both sides of the aisle is for it, whatever it is, it will do me no good. If a large bipartisan coalition of responsible congressmen and senators is against it, whatever it is, then I’m for it.

The business plan behind illegal immigration

Who says business innovation is dead in America?

For years now, it has seemed like there was no business legal in the US that required lots of illegal immigrants. But lookee, there has been just such a business – a whole industry – for years. Right now it’s dominated by DCCC, but NRCC is working hard to catch up.

The lie of “immigration reform”

The lie is the assumption that, once current illegals get their legalization, pro-immigrant activists in both parties will continue to support the second half of the bargain, the increased security.

The chaos in Texas shows they won’t. Faced with a clear hole in the border – with a wave of tens of thousands of undocumented Central Americans crossing into the U.S. in order to get in line for hearings years from now, which they likely won’t attend while they continue to live here – pro-reform activists have scrambled, not to show their border security bona fides, but to generate arguments and outbursts designed to let the new wave stay. — Lie at Heart of “Immigration Reform” Exposed

Many reformers do not really want to stop illegal immigration. They want illegal immigrants, because their business plans rely on illegal immigrants. Legal residents would not do the work unless their employers paid what they would have to pay legal residents to do the same work.

And let me add, if your business plan is predicated on hiring illegals, that’s not good business; that’s organized crime, whether you’re a fruit grower, a restaurant owner, or a non-profit.