Listen to Nachtrijders, by Henk Wijngaard.

  • If you’re in the other room, this sounds like random country music.
  • Dutch sounds like German with an American accent. Maybe some elements of American speech come from Dutch.
  • “Hank” must be an anglicization of “Henk,” which must be short for “Heinrich” (or however you spell it in Dutch; probably a j in there somewhere…) which must be why Henry is Hank to his friends.
  • Even with the very helpful link to the classic editor, WordPress made posting this take way longer than it should have, and I couldn’t embed the video.

Party platform

Let’s call it “Liberty and Justice for All”

  1. Permanent eviction moratorium – People shouldn’t be evicted just because they can’t pay the rent.
  2. Loan forgiveness – Not just college loans — all loans!
  3. Monthly stimulus – It should be permanent, universal, and regular — Social Security for all!
  4. Open borders, but just for children — Children are never illegal, and may not be separated from their families.
  5. No more incarceration – It’s cruel — let’s make it unusual too!
  6. Universal suffrage – Everyone gets a vote in every election, regardless of immigration status, regardless of location.

We used to think we’d need to implement item 6 first, but recent experience suggests that may not be strictly necessary.

This paper says

This paper says
Ten thousand years ago
The sun rose from the ocean
On the back of a slave.

One thousand years ago
The Pope told Aristotle
That there was just one universe,
And that we should free the slaves.

Before you were born Early Man
Knew there was just one multiverse.
The many universes in it
Were separate but equal.

Today the Science teaches us
Our multiverse is one
Of Billions upon Billions
Embedded in a Structure of Oppression.

In ten years time the PHDs will tell us
There are many metaverses, each
Embedded in a white supremist framework
Worse than Watergate and Nixon.

Within a generation
We will know
A narrative of whiteness
Holds the All.

And sometime after that,
Each kid in school will draw a picture of
The White Narrator carrying the Globe
Across the sky.

Naming calls

Try to be less white” reminds me of “It’s okay to be white,” which was a meme on the internet a while ago. It also reminds me of this, from The Last Battle:

“It seems, then,” said the Unicorn, “That there is a real Tash, after all.”

“Yes,” said the Dwarf. “And this fool of an Ape, who didn’t believe in Tash, will get more than he bargained for! He called for Tash: Tash has come.”

“Where has it–he–the Thing–gone to?” said Jill.

“North into the heart of Narnia,” said Tirian. “It has come to dwell among us. They have called it and it has come.”

“Ho, ho, ho!” chuckled the Dwarf, rubbing its hairy hands together. “It will be a surprise for the Ape. People shouldn’t call for demons unless they really mean what they say.”

Keep banging on endlessly about whiteness and eventually white people will start thinking of themselves as White People.

Canadian butter

or is it?

“To explain it simply, palm oil given to dairy cows increases the proportion of saturated fat in milk compared to unsaturated fat, thus increasing the melting point of butter. This explains why butter made from cows fed with palm oil remains difficult to spread at room temperature. So, if you wondered why butter is harder at room temperature, this is likely the most plausible reason why some of the butter in Canada seems to stay harder at room temperature.”

That’s a crazy conspiracy theory. The election was totally legitimate and transparent. Canadian butter isn’t harder; Canadian room temperature is lower, because of global warming.