Trump and hate

The Republican party is now more hated than it’s been in 24 years because of Donald Trump, it says in the paper.

Now I don’t much like Donald Trump, but is it his fault people hate Republicans? It seems like there might be more to it. There’s this, just for a recent example: Congress moves to require women to register for military draft. That would be the Republican congress, right? Republican politicians have embraced political correctness, labored to compromise, and brought forth Trump. And Trump’s popularity has grown partly because of his opponents, like these Mexican-flag-waving rioters. They don’t like Trump either.

But I just don’t understand, the LA Times explains:

“…in Santa Ana, a group that was part of the anti-Trump demonstrations Thursday, said the presence of the Mexican flag at rallies and other gatherings is often misunderstood.

“While many may see it as un-American, the Mexican flag is actually used to express diversity within the United States, especially in California, where many are of Mexican heritage, the activist [David B. Villanueva, 23, of Chicanos Unidos] said.

“‘Protesters chose to bring out the Mexican flag to demonstrate their culture and not their nationality,’ Villanueva said. ‘In this election year, I find the fact that people are waving Mexican flags more important than people waving American flags because of the diversity within our own American culture.'”

Sure; it’s about culture and heritage, just like the confederate flag.

People don’t hate Republicans because of Trump; and they didn’t turn to Trump because they hated the Republicans. But hate is the reason. People turned to Trump because the Republicans hate them.

Gender attitudes

A guest post by Claudio Natsheh-Yamaguchi

I’m tired of this cant about “a woman in a man’s body.” If you’re a woman, cis or trans, then the body you’re in is a woman’s body. Saying otherwise de-legitimalizes trans women in favor of their cis-ters, implying that trans women are somehow less authentically female.

And don’t give me any nonsense about “presenting as a woman.” If you’re a woman, how you choose to present yourself is just one of the many ways that a woman can authentically choose to present herself. None of these choices is less feminine than another. If you want to dress like your mother, go ahead. But don’t tell me that how you and your mother dress is how all women dress.

Stop privileging so-called “birth gender.” You do a disservice to all of us. Everyone is unique. If you’re a woman in a man’s body, or a man in a woman’s body, you can wear a sun dress and high heeled shoes, or you can wear jeans, boots, and a greasy t-shirt. Both choices, and any others, are as authentically masculine or feminine as you are.

UPDATE 3 May 2016: 7 Troubling Questions About Transgender Theories. The least experienced activist can easily answer all of these with one word.


“What a joy it must be to be a leftist knucklehead. There’s your opinion – and then there’s hate. There’s free speech for all – except those who disagree with you. There’s tolerance for everyone – except the opposition. There’s every kind of diversity – except diversity of thought.” — UnAmerican ESPN, by Andrew Klavan

Nazi shortage

There aren’t enough Nazis to go around. People try to fill in with Klansmen, but it’s not the same. Lately it just seems like there’s never a hater around when you need one. So here’s the deal:

From now on, anyone who objects to letting men use the women’s room is a Nazi. He’s not uninformed, or wrong, or old. He’s evil on two legs. He is … a Nazi! At one stroke this makes about about a hundred million people Nazis.

This is America. If we need Nazis, we make Nazis, even if it means making them up. Now we just need to figure out how to make them wear the uniform.

Trump’s crazy ideas

I’m not a Trump fan, but the mainstream reaction to his nutty ideas is instructive. Consider his crazy scheme to deport everyone here illegally, and stop any more people from coming here illegally. The reaction to this goofy piece of extremism masks a real fear. That fear is, that his plan might work. It has to be presented as impossible, unworkable, insane, inhumane, Islamophobic, homophobic, racist, sexist, communist, whatever, as long as it is on no account ever tried. Consider this made-up quote from a notional Repblican consultant:

“What is it those rubes are always going on about? How much we spend? Tell them a wall will cost a trillion dollars. Wait, it says here that focus groups identify five hundred billion as the amount of money currently perceived as largest. Tell them five hundred billion dollars. Tell them deportation will cost another five hundred billion.”

Because, you see, the Democrats and the Republicans are really afraid building a wall might work. Plans that will not work can be supported, but plans that might possibly work must be, not even opposed, but denounced.

Enforcing our laws must be presented as impossible, because they don’t really want to enforce those laws. The Republicans manage the demands of their “base” to do so by presenting themselves as powerless. Like another totally made-up Republican politician didn’t say:

“We don’t want illegal immigration, oh dear no, but what are you gonna do? Politics is the art of the possible. And anyway, it’s a two-party system.”

In fact they do want illegal immigration, just as much as the Democrats want it, and they want the illegals to stay here, and they want more to come here.

UPDATE: clarified that quotes are fictional.