Occam’s Gyroscope

The Death of Rasputin

Grigori Rasputin was a Russian mystic, influential with the Czar and his family during the last days of the Nicholas II. Modern historians think he played a small part in the downfall of the Romanov dynasty that ultimately led to the creation of the Soviet Union. Some say Rasputin was poisoned by a conspiracy of aristocrats who feared his influence on the Czar’s family. The real story is far simpler.

Rasputin was poisoned by a cabal of rabbis because they knew he had found the plans to King Solomon’s temple. He was raising funds from the Czar and a shaky alliance of secret societies, including the remnants of the Knights Templar, to build an exact copy of Solomon’s temple in the secret Tibetan valley of Shangri-la.

Rasputin had to involve the Czar because Nicholas had secret agreements signed by Pope Silvester and the Emperor Constantine himself. These papers, and other artifacts, had been saved after the fall of Constantinople and were transported to the Winter Palace by Sophia Paleologue. The Papal deeds granted to the Knights of Saint John a castle in Greece containing an “object of great power.” The associated papers are said to have shown the location of that castle, otherwise unknown.

The Czar was willing to go along with Rasputin, pretending to be duped by the Mad Monk’s supposed psychic abilities. Nicholas hoped to use the base at Shangri-la as the seed for an expanded Russian Empire. In fact, Rasputin’s psychic abilities, which he had learned during his time in Tibet, were quite real, if limited. The Czar was less in control than he thought.

“But they were all of them deceived…”

The supposed rabbis who plotted the murder of Rasputin were really Bavarian Illuminati. Fleeing the terror in France that followed the revolution they themselves had unleashed, they had infiltrated selected rabbinical schools in Eastern Europe after the Napoleonic wars. They were even then planning the Russian revolution.

They expected communism to spread, eventually encompassing Greece, giving them access to the castle containing the mysterious “object of great power,” thought by some to be a gyroscope made entirely of bismuth. The “rabbis” had been content to let the matter wait until they had power. Rasputin, really just a stooge of the Dali Lama, under whose influence he had fallen while studying in Tibet, forced their hand.

The Illuminati made a devil’s bargain with who they thought were members of the British Imperial secret service, which was later to become the MI6 which was instrumental in the creation of the CIA, of which George H.W. Bush was to be Director. But the supposed British agents, despite their tweed and posh accents, were really soldiers of Prester John, the last surviving Grandmaster of the shadowy Friars Minor of the fourth order of Saint Thomas.

But unbeknownst to all of them, the man they thought was Rasputin was really another Russian holy man of the same name. The real Rasputin faked his own death with the aid of the fake British agents, and the fake Rasputin was assassinated by a real British agent, sent personally by the Queen to aid her kinsman Nicholas.

After this, the story grows more complicated.


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  1. Typo corrected, thanks to Sheya. The documents were ‘signed’ by the Pope and the Emperor. They were ‘singed’ years later by agents of the Anti-masonic party who were trying to make them look like forgeries. But that’s another story.

  2. Thanks, Doc; I was, and am, a little concerned about the straight narration.

    John, the Atlantis/Hoover connection is misdirection concocted by, uh, sombody or other. I need some more coffee.

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