Econo-political fantasy

There’s left vs. right, and there’s reality vs. fantasy. Reality seems to be winning today:

“The reality noise machine — with its job losses, terrorist attacks, and budgets — is always trying to shout down liberals’ ideas with its fear-mongering of actual problems that need to be addressed and a physical reality that needs to be appeased. When liberals create or save millions of jobs with a trillion dollar stimulus, there goes reality saying we’re spending money we don’t have and unemployment is only going up. When a progressive plan is proposed to get everyone free health care, there’s reality with its message of gloom that nothing is free and our health care will only get worse. And if we ever try to appease some nation like Iran through peaceful, diplomatic means, reality is always pointing out how close they are to nuclear weapons. Reality is obnoxious, and these days it’s everywhere, and people are actually listening to it over liberals.” — Dem Messaging Problem: Can’t Get People to Ignore Reality

But I woulnd’t count out fantasy just yet:

Seen at Quantitative Easing, Explained, which as a bonus includes the WKRP Turkey bit.


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