A week of pie

I win again

I’ve managed to have pie every day for the last eight days – nine if the French silk counts. That is really more of a confection, but arguably so is pecan pie, and it’s the pecan that kept me going since the day before yesterday. A few of us like it, but the apple, cherry, and pumpkin were in greater demand and went first. Also, the pecan pie was cut into smaller slices, so it lasted until breakfast this morning.


6 Replies to “A week of pie”

    1. “Hey, let’s put the pie and the ice cream in a blender and give it a few spins.” That’s kind of an odd thing to do, isn’t it?

    2. The next step would be to buy two or three large pumpkin pie blizzards, pour them into a graham cracker crust, and then freeze it and top it with whipped cream.

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