“[T]he leadership of many youth organizations is dominated by girls and women. (Just for fun, to confirm my intuition, the first random photo I came across of 4-H officers at a school in Kearneysville, West Virginia, pictured nine girls and no boys.) The push to make ‘leaders’ of girls in every context has become a frenzied crusade. And it’s not enough that females dominate co-ed groups: in 1988 the Boy Scouts of America capitulated and began admitting women as Scoutmasters. Today more than one-third of their volunteers are women. And it doesn’t stop there. In 2009 the BSA began kicking around the idea of admitting girls to the rank of Eagle Scout and promoting more co-ed activities. No enclave of masculine socialization shall be allowed to stand if it purports, in any way, to be more serious than a ball game.” — Co-ed America, by Jeff Culbreath