On the other hand

Speaking up for the US Treasury

The Citigroup bailout is expected to make US taxpayers a $12.3bn profit. The report is from The Guardian, and so will present the facts in a way as favorable as possible for the administration, but this result has been more common than not. There is plenty to mock and condemn about the US Treasury and its policies, but somehow or other they often come out ahead. They have virtually unlimited resources (or is it unlimited virtual resources? heh…), access to inside information and intelligence, and they do not fight fair. Things look pretty bleak right now, but in five years China could be broke, oil could be cheap, and the US economy could be constrained by a labor shortage. I don’t see how that could happen, but similar things have before. Or, we could continue our slow transition into just another Latin American economy.

One point is, don’t let your political convictions sway your investment decisions.