Starring Charlton Heston

From a good short review by Hunter Baker of three apocalyptic movies:

“Though it obviously can’t compete with the Will Smith remake (the third version of Richard Matheson’s book I Am Legend) in terms of effects or heart-racing action, The Omega Man is a much more substantial film in terms of ideas.” — The Omega Man

There’s another for The Big Movie Project, which the reader should know mostly involves me watching old movies. Writing anything here, let alone anything thoughtful, is secondary.


3 Replies to “Starring Charlton Heston”

  1. I enjoyed Omega Man a lot. Neither movie compare to the book but that’s to be expected. I actually didn’t mind the Will Smith version, but it’s like comparing apples to oranges, really.

    1. I hadn’t known about Richard Matheson, at least not by name. It seems he is the writer behind The Night Stalker, The Incredible Shrinking Man, and some episodes of The Twilight Zone and Star Trek, and has continued to write short stories and novels. He sounds like one to check out.

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