Afghan to die for converting to Christianity

Eight years ago Said Musa left Islam for Christianity. In a few days the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is to hang him for it. It’s all perfectly legal: “Under sharia law, converting from Islam to Christianity is punishable by death.”

That his brutal imprisonment and impending execution haven’t made him renounce his beliefs tells us a lot about Said Musa and his faith. That he’ll likely die for it tells us a lot about his killers, and about the real nature of their religion.

UPDATE 25 February 2011, maybe some good news: Said Musa (also spelled Sayed Mussa) is thought to have been quietly released following international diplomatic pressure. One account of his release say he recanted his conversion to Christianity, another says not, and his location is uncertain. Another man, Shoaib Assadullah Musawi, remains in jail for giving a Bible to a friend.