Federal funding for public broadcasting

I hope my Congressman reads this

On NPR this morning they were reporting on Libya, in particular the city of Benghazi. In the normal course of things, nobody in the US talks about Benghazi from one year to the next, unless they’re talking about the second world war. I’d only ever heard it pronounced Ben-GHA-zee, with the accent on the second syllable. Until this morning the guys and gals on NPR had pronounced it the same way.

Today they started saying Ben-gha-ZEE, accenting the last syllable. It’s understandable that in their haste they had forgotten the lesson they must have learned in grad school, “your parents are wrong.” Always trying to improve, they’ve now corrected themselves.

The report on Libya was followed by part three of their twenty-two part series on women in the army, part five of twelve on changing gender identification among homosexual men in Africa, part two of five on why Republicans are union-busting thugs, a special on why any woman with a degree in journalism knows more than any man with a degree in anything else, and a panel discussion on the evils of the Roman Catholic Church. It was a long commute.

I would have listened to something else, but the only other channels had an ad for a usury franchise on continuous loop, some sort of arrhythmic shouting, depressing country music, and on the other public radio station, Shostakovitch. So I listened to NPR Morning Edition, and a good thing I did. Apparently the Republicans are trying to cut off federal funding for National Public Radio. The announcer urged us listeners to contact our representatives and let them know how that would make us feel. So I thought about how it would make me feel if I couldn’t hear the rest of those series on homosexuality, religion, the army, and modern society, and how I would feel if nobody told me every morning what a mean old man I am. Then I thought how it would make me feel never again to hear anything by Shostakovitch. That sealed it, and I resolved to let my representative know what I think of his plan.

I think it’s awesome.


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  1. Hehe!

    Sadly, it does no good to call mine– being to the right of CNN, I’m a hateful nasty person who probably thinks my daughter should still be a virgin as late as sixteen.

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