Georgetown University Medical Center

Correction 16 March 2011: Not GU Medical Center, but Georgetown University Hospital

Is it part of the culture of death now? This quote, if accurate, is damning:

“‘Hospitals cannot afford to allow families the time to work through their grieving process by allowing the relatives to remain hospitalized until the family reaches the acceptance stage, if that ever happens,’ Ms. Sloan said in an e-mail. ‘Generically speaking, what gives any one family or person the right to control so many scarce health care resources in a situation where the prognosis is poor, and to the detriment of others who may actually benefit from them?'” — Catholic hospital dehydrating immigrant woman to death

Maybe media attention will cause them to give the dying woman food and water.

UPDATE 12 March 2011: by court order, the feeding tube has been restored to the immigrant woman unable to pay a Jesuit hospital.


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