The problem

concisely stated

“[T]he problem isn’t the Democrats, and the solution isn’t the Republicans. The problem is an institutionalized ruling class that views the rest of us with increasing contempt.”


3 Replies to “The problem”

  1. *snort* Given that one party is worse than the other when it comes to building large, self-perpetuating gov’t organizations that do exactly that….

    (All the more reason to lay a holy smackdown on those who build bureaucratic nightmares. I’m not Chinese, and I don’t want to imitate their culture.)

    1. I’m willing to give them a chance. They have the House, and the power of the purse. Let’s see what they accomplish.

  2. A very quote, Marcel, and bang on. A professional ruling class, all of whom went to the same schools and come from the same background, that has far more in common among themselves than with us, and no understanding or time for the rest of us.

    Here in the UK New Labour betrayed the British working class by facilitating mass immigration to lower the price of labour; the new Conservatives are in the process of doing the same to the tories.

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