Grading the Republicans

Here are the standards:

  • D – de-fund NPR;
  • C – de-fund NPR, and spend less money than the last congress, for real, with no accounting tricks;
  • B – de-fund NPR, spend less money, and de-fund Planned Parenthood;
  • A – de-fund NPR, de-fund Planned Parenthood, spend less money, and give all federal elected officials a 10% pay cut;

And guys, don’t wait until the last minute and then come crying with excuses, or begging for extra credit because you held hearings.

UPDATE 17 March 2011: Let me be clear, make no mistake, et cetera – it has to really happen; if the House votes to de-fund NPR, the bill fails in the Senate, and then the House passes a bill funding NPR, they have not de-funded NPR. The Republicans control the House of Representatives, so they have the power of the purse and the responsibility that goes with it. Do it, or fail.


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