Vocabulary lesson

It seems the plural of monsignor is monsignori. According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, one isn’t made a monsignor. Monsignor is how one addresses an Apostolic Pronotary or a Prelate of Honor. Pope Benedict having granted those awards, the recipients are now Monsignor Newton, Monsignor Broadhurst, and Monsignor Burnham. So much for monsignor.

πορφυρογέννητος or just ornery?

“…the priests for the ordinariate will be ordained around Pentecost. The ordinary expects that about 900 people will become members of the ordinariate…” (linked above)

Is anyone a member of the ordinary now? What distinguishes the ordinary (as a noun) from the ordinariate? It’s just a good thing they didn’t join the Orthodox Church, otherwise it would all be in Greek and I’d have even less chance of understanding it. But the Romans, as far as I know, aren’t giving out the title panhypersebastos.