“Meanwhile, the U.S. is expected to soon deploy a tank-killing plane, the A-10 Warthog, to add another way to strike at Gadhafi’s ground forces.” — Allies May Arm Libyan Rebels And Deploy Tank-Killing Warthogs

If it’s A-10s against tanks, bet on the A-10s. Years ago one of these flew over, during peace time, in the US. The most appalling aspect was how slowly it flew. I knew it was a friendly aircraft and it was still creepy and a little intimidating. I’ll be surprised if more Libyan tankers don’t realize that if they have a future it’s with the other side.

Somehow this reminds me of Cash for Clunkers; but who gets the cash? Will the Libyan government replace these with French AMX-30s, or British Challengers, or will they buy from Russia or China?

UPDATE 21 June 2011: The A-10 carries “GE’s Finest Gun,” the GAU-8 Avenger.