Forbidden Planet, 1956

It is a genuine classic, but Forbidden Planet‘s parallels with The Tempest are exaggerated. The acting is good, especially Doctor Morbius, played by Walter Pidgeon – the star of the show. The special effects are well done for the time and don’t seem lamely artificial, probably because they support the story. The plot is good, but the characters could be more realistic. For something so important to the story, the relationship of the space ship captain with Morbius’ daughter isn’t adequately developed. Though his genius was for comedy, that’s no fault of Leslie Nielsen, who performs perfectly well as the dramatic leading man. The conception of a future where everyone is in uniform is a classic 50s theme. Coffee is served in tiny coffee cups. The doors open automatically and silently. The alien architecture is thoughtfully done. I enjoyed the theremin music throughout. Forbidden Planet would be easy to watch again.