Not proletarian masses:

“[Property] is part of a general view of the human lot; and that is why the Communist of this school cannot make head or tail of it. The Marxian talks as if the only object of saving people from sufferings inflicted by ‘the blind forces of capitalism’ was that those people should have material consumption and material security. It is not; it is that they should have life, and that they should have it more abundantly.” — G.K. Chesterton, The True Case Against Communism

Not darwinian stick-men:

“In order to provide an adequate description of economic activity, one must take seriously the reasons actors have for their economic choices. Reducing everything to self-interest and utility is descriptively inadequate, because it fails to take seriously the real nature of economic behavior that seeks to benefit people.” — Dismal Science Redeemed: What’s Gone Wrong, by Ryan T. Anderson

Not robots: