Immigration law

in Georgia and elsewhere

I maintain that a business model predicated on illegal immigration is simply organized crime. Businesses that keep hiring and exploiting illegal immigrants should be shut down.

“[A farmer] says he’s tried to hire locals to do the job–working in the fields eight hours or more clipping, bending and lifting in the oppressive Georgia heat.

‘They just don’t want to do this hard work. And they’ll tell you right quick,’ he says. ‘I have ’em to come out and work for two hours and they said, “I’m not doing this. It’s too hard.” ” — Georgia Farmers Say Immigration Law Keeps Workers Away

It’s a tough old world. The growers will have to raise wages until they attract workers, and we will all pay more for produce. What we shouldn’t do is wink at illegal immigration so employers can pay below-market wages.


3 Replies to “Immigration law”

  1. While there are laws they need to fix to un-screw ag workers, I very much agree: if you MUST have illegal immigration in order for your business to function, you’re no better than a fence.

    There are ALWAYS people who insist that following the law is too big of a burden.

  2. Best ranch worker we had when I was growing up ended up quitting because he could make more picking at the orchard, since they had an immigration crackdown and the places where illegals had been living 15 to a house were now empty, so American citizens screwed over by “bilingual education” could live 15 to a house and make legal wages…. (Want to hear a nasty rant against illegal immigration, talk to the child of legal immigrants who are in their 20s.)

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