Gospel problems and solutions

Eusebius of Caesarea: Gospel Problems and Solutions, is now available from Amazon:

“Ever since the four gospels were first collected together, Christians have asked why they diverge in some respects. Why is the genealogy in Matthew different to that in Luke? Why is there more than one ending for Mark? In 320 AD Eusebius, Bishop of Caesarea, wrote one of the first collections of such ‘questions’ and gave scholarly answers to them. Because of his early date, his answers are of great interest to scholars and general readers alike.”

Patristics isn’t my field, but this material sounds pretty interesting. A careful and complete translation of Gospel Problems and Solutions, as I expect this is, would be a useful and welcome addition to the collections of academic libraries. Roger Pearse edited and published this work, chronicling the sometimes-challenging process, which is itself interesting.


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  1. I appreciate the link — thank you! The questions that Eusebius asks — about the differences in genealogies of Jesus, differences at the start and the end of some of the gospels — and the answers he gives are all interesting, even today.

    Yes, the translation was done to a very high standard by David Miller (Greek and Latin), Adam McCollum (Syriac and Arabic) and Carol Downer (Coptic). I made sure that everything that exists that I could lay hands on was translated, and the original text included as well from the latest printed edition.

    I suspect there must be material in Armenian too, but none of it has been published and my attempts to explore manuscript material in that language founded on my lack of knowledge of Armenian!

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