Not drinking Pepsi

Pepsi Cola does not contain human kidney cells taken from aborted children. PepsiCo has taste testing done by a company that uses human kidney cells taken from an aborted child. That’s revolting, and PepsiCo should stop it. Since the only thing a corporation understands is money, I’m not buying any more Pepsi until they end their relationship with Senomyx.

It’s bad enough that babies are being aborted at all, but to then use them to create a more delicious Pepsi is just nauseating.” The use of fetal stem cells from aborted children is always presented as curing Alzheimer’s or cancer. It’s really about “finding the optimum level of sugar to put in a soft drink.”

UPDATE 1 May 2012: “PepsiCo has announced that it will not use research from a firm that used human fetal cells to develop new flavor enhancers.