Magic Highway USA, 1958

This imagined highway system of the future has turned out to be mostly stunningly wrong. Instead of enumerating all the things they predicted that we don’t have, here’s what they got right.

  • Some cars have rear-view television cameras, I think. Mine does not.
  • We do more with pre-fabricated bridge components and precast concrete box culverts, so they got that kind of right.
  • There’s GPS, and that is pretty neat.
  • There is way more containerized cargo and inter-modal shipping.
  • And there is the Oresund Bridge, certainly an impressive feat of engineering.

4 Replies to “Magic Highway USA, 1958”

  1. That is one cool bridge. I think I’d be very spooked driving on it though. Actually the on it part would be okay. It’s the in it part that would mess with me.

  2. They predict all these things about the future, but it’s still “Father” who’s programming the coordinates on the car.

    1. Yes; and though the magic highway takes the people from home to moving sidewalk to elevator to desk, everyone is fashionably slim.

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