House votes to de-fund Libya?

Seems like that’d be news

The House has voted to block funds for military operations in Libya, according to AFP. Al Jazeera says the bill is unlikely to become law, and these reports may exagerate the significance of what exactly the House did. According to the Washington Post – I found the story after a brief serach – the amendment is to a bill funding construction for the Department of Veteran’s Affairs, and forbids any of that money to be spent “in contravention of the War Powers Act.”

Probably the administration can build a veterans’ hospital without violating the War Powers Act. But why did I read about this in Al Jazeera’s Twitter feed instead of on the BBC, the Guardian, CNN, or the Washington Post website? Could they spare nobody from searching for something discreditable, please let there be something, anything at all, in Sarah Palin’s emails? No.

It’s not simply that Palinhass has driven them mad, nor is it merely that they’re clueless ignoramuses. Staff at those outlets know the vote happened. They just don’t want to report it.