Denialism and propaganda

‘Marcel Ledbetter’ is not my real name, but I think that’s pretty clear, and the rest of it is true. Who would lie about being a middle-class white man? Conversely:

“It would be nice if “Amina Arraf” existed. As niche constituencies go, we could use more hijab-wearing Muslim lesbian militants and fewer fortysomething male Western deadbeat college students. But the latter is a real and pathetically numerous demographic, and the former is a fiction – a fantasy for Western liberals, who think that in the multicultural society the nice gay couple at 27 Rainbow Avenue can live next door to the big bearded imam with four child brides at No. 29 and gambol and frolic in admiration of each other’s diversity.” — LibzGetReal: How could the Left not fall for the Arab-lesbian-blogger hoax? by Mark Steyn

The elites and the media wanted the blogger to be a gay woman in Damascus for the same reason they wanted Nidal Hasan to not be a Muslim. Wishing the world were different is no crime, but making up a fictional universe won’t help. Do they think if we all repeat “Muslims are tolerant” loudly and often, it will somehow become so? That sounds more like prosperity theology than the enlightenment’s logic and reason.


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  1. To tell the truth, I don’t think they really think that Muslims are tolerant. For leftists, a phrase like “you are intolerant” doesn’t mean what it sounds like it means. All it really means is “I hate you”. They don’t hate Muslims, and so they say that Muslims are not intolerant. They hate Christians, and so they say that Christians are intolerant. You just have to understand the language. The interesting question is why they hate Christians and not Muslims. I suspect it has a lot to do with the fact that primitive violent religions like Islam don’t challenge anyone morally as Christianity does. Sure, Muslims may kill you, but they don’t make you feel guilty.

    1. Two good points, the last one in particular – hadn’t thought of that, and I bet there’s something to it.

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