Statues and idols

In honor of his 100th, Ronald Reagan is to get statues in Budapest and London The one in Budapest is to be seven feet tall. Maybe everyone all over the world didn’t hate Reagan quite as much as the Times and the Post told us.

Still, if President Reagan gets a seven-foot statue in Hungary, imagine the grandeur of the statues of President Obama that will be erected by the grateful people of Egypt, Libya, Syria, North Korea, Afghanistan, and elsewhere. Well, maybe not Afghanistan, because a likeness of the human form would be a blasphemous idol. People might say the Taliban are ignorant barbarians, but idolatry is not a risk to be taken lightly with a statue of President Obama. Maybe they could just leave out the human figure, and build an enormous statue of his suit before a gigantic teleprompter.


4 Replies to “Statues and idols”

  1. Better leave off Egypt as well. Obama is significantly less popular (12% favorable) popular there than the deceased Osama Bin Laden (21% favorable), according to recent polling.

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