The Illinois legislature has hit a new low, raiding the poor box. On the Illinois income tax form you can designate money to charity, the idea being that you can donate your refund to the food bank or other worthwhile group. I’ve never done that, because I didn’t trust the state. Turns out mistrust was justified. They aren’t giving the money to the designated charities, or at least not for a year and a half. Instead, they’re borrowing it to cover state expenses, and they’ll pay it back later.

“In a normal year, it takes about six months for the money to make its way to agencies that are supposed to get it.

“But the Eastern Illinois Foodbank has yet to receive any money donated with tax forms for 2009 or 2010, said Tracy Smith, executive director of Feeding Illinois. That organization runs a group of food banks that include the Eastern Illinois Foodbank.

“If the money is paid back sometime soon, Smith said she can live with that.

“‘But we would have a real problem if we went around asking our donors to give money to this tax fund and we never saw this money,’ she said.” — Illinois borrowing tax funds intended for charities

We should do what California did, and stop the pay of these wretched drones until they pass a balanced budget.

If you want to feed the hungry, go volunteer at the soup kitchen, or take a case of tuna down to the food bank. Don’t give your money to the government. They can’t be trusted.


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    1. It’s beyond understanding, especially in Illinois where four of the last eight governors have been convicted criminals.

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