Beshrew the TSA

It renders me speechless. Fortunately the link title says it all: TSA Defends Decision To Make 95-Year-Old Remove Adult Diaper For Screening. Only the TSA would defend that.

Okay, I guess that doesn’t say quite everything. The fact that it’s NPR reporting this is significant – it isn’t just conservatives. An alert reader sent me the link Time to Close the Security Theater, by Art Carden:

“The Transportation Security Administration does not provide transportation security. It provides what security expert Bruce Schneier calls ‘security theater.’ The effect of the all the trimmings and trappings at airport security is to give travelers the impression that the government is going about Very Serious Business. The net effect, though, is perhaps a trivial increase in safety achieved at massive costs in terms of time, treasure, and lives: it is well known that driving is more dangerous than flying. By making flying less convenient, we encourage people to drive more. Substitution away from flying and toward driving costs lives, on net.”

Everyone, liberal and conservative know that. Even the gropers and peepers at the TSA know it.

Aside, archaiciams like “beshrew the TSA” and “contemn Pakistan” pretty much exhaust my language resources, as I’ve used them since leaving active duty. I’d welcome something more forceful and current that’s still appropriate.

UPDATE 5 July 2011: Airport Security and Common Sense, by Claire Berlinski