Sex-selevtive abortion in China

The highly civilized people of China, India, and elsewhere have chosen often enough to kill their little girls that it’s caused a demographic gender imbalance. Compared to the eternal damnation that awaits the unrepentant, a demographic gender imbalance is small potatoes, but one author sees some interesting economic consequences:

“A high level of male births has other, far-reaching, effects. It becomes harder to secure a bride, and men can find themselves buying or bidding for them. This, Ms. Hvistendahl notes, contributes to China’s astronomical household savings rate; parents know they must save up in order to secure brides for their sons. (An ironic reflection of the Indian ad campaigns suggesting parents save money by aborting girls.) This savings rate, in turn, drives the Chinese demand for U.S. Treasury bills.” — Unnatural Selection, by Mara Hvistendahl, as quoted in Fun With Statistics – The Gender Ratio and Chinese Demand for US Treasuries

Like so many things that are evil, sex-selective abortion is also futile. Killing a child so they can raise her brother like a little prince leaves the parents, children, and everyone worse off. Plus, the whole business is nauseating and barbaric.


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  1. Horrifying now, and horrifying if you look forward and figure what’s likely to happen– if I were a high level politician in the PI, I’d be very worried. (More correctly, I’d have even more to worry about.) All the girls in the dancing bars I saw in Hong Kong were from the PI, and that was half a decade ago.

    1. Yes; and it’s not like there are surplus women elsewhere, as was maybe the case on the American frontier compared to the Eastern cities. The same thing is happening in India. Meanwhile, the Russian population has been declining for some years. Inevitably the gender imbalance will work itself out, but the solution is likely to be unpleasant.

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