What to do with a blank card

There’s a box of all-occasion cards in my desk, just so there’s something appropriate to send for, well, all occasions. There’s “thinking of you,” “get well soon,” “congratulations” – the usual sentiments. There’s even a blank card, kind of like the shrine to the unknown god on the Areopagus. The problem is, it’s only blank on the inside. On the front of the blank card is a manatee, the aquatic mammal also known as the sea cow.

I’ve held off using this one, because it’s hard to know who would be cheered to receive it. Maybe I could just stick it on a bulletin board at church. Inside I could write “Thank you all for the cards and visits, and for the tasty casseroles – recovering well – look forward to being back soon,” signed with an illegible scrawl.


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