Senator McConnell’s bad idea

Let the president raise the debt ceiling unless the congress votes to forbid it.

“In a proposal that appears to be mostly about finding a way to raise the debt ceiling while protecting his fellow congressional Republicans from having to vote to do so, Sen. Mitch McConnell has suggested a way in which Congress could effectively give President Obama the power to raise the debt ceiling.” — McConnell Proposes Congress Punt Debt-Ceiling Power To Obama

This is yet another example of “make the voters hate them just slightly more than the voters hate us.” I will stay home and not vote at all before I’ll go along with any more of this.

UPDATE: If we speak of gutless legislators disregarding the constitution, we aren’t talking about the French, at least not now:

“French lawmakers voted 482-27 to reauthorize the bombing mission in Libya. The vote was required by the constitution and came after a three-hour debate in the lower house of parliament.” — French Reauthorize Libya Bombing; Juppé Says Gadhafi Is Ready To Leave

So the French constitution requires approval from their legislature to bomb another country, like the US constitution does. The French had a vote. We did not. Being cynical, I note that the French legislators voted 482 to 27. If the margin in the US congress were similar President Obama would have asked for a vote, and the US congress would have voted, endorsing President Obama’s action in Libya.

When it’s easy, American congressmen are right there standing tall in front of the cameras. When it’s difficult and there might be political consequences, they shirk their responsibility. That’s because so many of them are gutless self-interested liars.


3 Replies to “Senator McConnell’s bad idea”

  1. What gets me is the deer-in-the-headlights look from Republican leaders at the unyielding position of the Democrats. It was embarrassing when this happened just a few months ago during the budget battle, but now? The Republicans just had a hard lesson on how the Democrats are going to react to any attempts to reduce spending a few months ago and now they are surprised that the Dems are acting just like they acted before?

    It’s not called “the stupid party” for nothing.

    1. It’s not like they have to do much. Pass a small increase to the debt ceiling that includes real cuts. If the president chooses to veto it, that’s his right; then the ball is in his court. If they blow this one, that’s it for me. I will actively work against anyone who votes for McConnell’s despicable plan.

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