Hillary promised

The Prime Minister of Pakistan says the US has promised not to repeat the Bin Laden raid.

Secretary of State Clinton told the Pakistani PM there will be no more secret raids into Pakistan to kill Osama bin Laden. President Obama has said the US will take similar action against other terrorists if necessary. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are both national political leaders, and Democrats, so the possibility that they might be less than sincere and truthful need not be considered.

The Guardian sees a contradiction between what Clinton and Obama have said. I think the guardians aren’t reading carefully. Secretary Clinton promised faithfully that US special forces would never again kill Osama bin Laden in Pakistan in a secret operation at night. That leaves open a host of options. It would be more newsworthy if Secretary Clinton had told Pakistan we’d kill bin Laden again any time we felt like it, so there.

It amazes me that Pakistan, having enough really smart people to build a modest nuclear arsenal, can’t find smarter people to govern their country. But maybe as an American that should not surprise me after all.