Unacceptable views

“The underlying truth that ‘pro-equality’ Republicans need to understand is this: They are aiding and abetting a political movement that, at this point in history, seeks to make traditional Christian views on sex and marriage unacceptable in the public square – just as racist views on interracial marriage are unacceptable – by heaping scorn and hatred on any American who does something to support marriage as one man and one woman.” — The Chilling of Our First Amendment Rights, By Maggie Gallagher


One Reply to “Unacceptable views”

  1. I have come to the unhappy conclusion that libertarians and libertarian-leaning Republicans are not the allies that I once thought. I believed that conservatives and libertarians had an understanding where libertarians might disagree with conservative social principles but would still support the rights of conservatives to live the way that they want in their own communities. Contrary to this understanding, libertarians as a group have come down hard in favor of gay marriage and in favor of portraying opponents of gay marriage as hateful bigots. This isn’t just a consequence of libertarians following libertarian theory to the logical conclusions, either. I’ve never seen a libertarian actually try to make a libertarian case for gay marriage or seriously answer the conservative case against gay marriage. They do the same thing that the liberals do: announce that traditional marriage is practically the same thing as a law against interracial marriage, and then seek to delegitimize everyone on the other side so that they don’t have to respond to the arguments.

    It has been quite depressing. In fact, if a lot of Christians feel the way that I do, this may well spell the end of the Republican revolution. A few months ago I would have not only voted for a libertarian-leaning candidate, but probably contributed money and maybe even volunteered. Now, I’m not all that enthusiastic even about voting for one.

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