Voting on the debt ceiling

I’m not sure what to hope happens in the house of representatives this evening whenever. A vote on the debt ceiling is supposedly imminent. On the one hand, the best and brightest tell us there will be a global financial disaster if the debt ceiling isn’t raised high enough so President Obama doesn’t have to face this again before the election. On the other hand, since 2008 the best and brightest have wasted a vast sum to no good end, and it seems like now it ought to be someone else’s turn to waste the vast sum.

Note too, there are no cuts, not even in the most heinous grind-the-poor-to-make-my-bread Republican plan. There’s a slower rate of increase. Most of this is political theater, but maybe while shoving each other and hysterically dancing around on the brink, one or both parties will slip over, the ring will fall into the fires of Mount Doom, and evil will be destroyed for our time.

But probably that won’t happen

I think on balance I’d prefer the bill pass, so the senate has to vote on it. Harry Reid must not want that, or he wouldn’t be proclaiming so loudly that it will be dead on arrival and the Republicans are wasting time. President Obama says if it does pass the senate, he’ll veto it; so he doesn’t want it to pass either. If Senator Reid and President Obama are both against it, I’m inclined to favor it, just on general principles.

On the other hand, if the bill fails in the House it will be because conservatives wouldn’t go along with the lie about cuts, and that’s not such a bad outcome. The Republican leadership might learn a lesson.

But probably that won’t happen either – the Republicans learning, I mean.

On the other hand, if raising taxes during this “recovery” is bad, it seems like big cuts would be bad too. And that’s three hands, so now there’s a deficit of my own to deal with.

At this point I’m not even sure there is a debt ceiling. In fact, if the congress absolutely must raise it whenever we reach it, then it’s not really a ceiling.

It’s hard to see how anything good comes out of this. Couldn’t the treasury just extend the August 2 deadline, or the Supreme Court expunge some of the existing debt, or maybe somebody abrogate something?

Maybe giant eagles will come and save us.