Washington wins in the budget deal

Everyone else loses

This is supposed to be a great victory for conservatives, but I can’t muster any enthusiasm. Congress gets to borrow and spend another couple of trillion dollars now, and there will supposedly be cuts later. Planned Parenthood is still funded; NPR is still funded; Washington will spend more next year than last year. I’m really tired of this ‘less-bad-than-the-alternative’ mode of operation. The place to work for political change is at the local and state level.

The Guardian, in the grip of blind loyalty, or mendacity, or classic far-left delusion, reported “Obama strikes deal to end US debt crisis,” noting that MoveOn.org describes the deal as “grotesquely immoral.” President Obama had little to do with the deal, which was hacked together by career politicians in the Senate. MoveOn.org (described with British understatement as “left-leaning”) is basically correct, if hyperbolic.


5 Replies to “Washington wins in the budget deal”

  1. Thing is, this isn’t where we’re supposed to figure out what’s funded– that’s what the BUDGET is for!

    Which is now 800+ days late, with only the Republican-controlled parts bothering to follow the law and submit a dang budget!

    1. They aren’t going to do budgets anymore, just continuing resolutions and debt ceiling increases.

  2. I’ll go with Obama being blamed for something “grotesquely immoral.” The more lefties believe that, the fewer might vote for him.

    This was a nothing deal. They didn’t actually resolve anything except giving more money to the debt ceiling for Obama and Congress to spend away. It won’t even stop a ratings downgrade. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m pleasantly surprised that the Republicans stuck to no new taxes (even if they’ll happen eventually with the new committee). But that’s like being happy that a beaten puppy quit piddling on the carpet for a single night. We’ve been smacking them on the noses for years now. Just because they finally responded, I have my doubts that the lesson will stick.

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