The feral elite

In England, a group thinks there should be a randomly selected jury of citizens to rein in the brilliantly named “feral elites” who are wrecking society. The group, which includes Phillip Pullman, wants the jury to look into representatives’ expense accounts, bankers’ bonuses, the phone hacking scandal, media ownership, and police behavior.

I wonder what the – what? anti-elite elitists? domestic elites? – anyway, what do they think of
these E-petitions? Probably they don’t think much of them. Pullman and friends don’t ask that the jury of citizens examine academia, freedom of religion, or the country’s relationship with the EU, or if prisoners are coddled. In those are areas the elites are doing just fine, I guess.


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    1. We need some clever comparison of those who represent the people and those who think they should represent the people; and, of course, the people.

  1. The list of participants is a good selection of the feral elite itself. Journalist Polly Toynbee must be one of the worst examples — a wealthy leftist journalist boiling with hate of almost everything decent in our society. These people *are* the establishment. So what’s going on?

    The term “feral elite” is a good one. Let use it.

    The initiative itself, however, must be dodgy. I suspect it’s actually just saying “hey, we’re not in power any more — let’s find a way to get power back in our hands. Now what words shall we use that will make our victims think this is a good thing?”

    Remember “human rights”? We’re all in favour of “human rights”, yes? But it was in truth merely an excuse to deprive ordinary people of their rights, in favour of special interest groups, and to create an inquisition accountable only to this same feral elite.

    1. Thanks for the insight. It seems like the similarity in politics over-rides the differences in out political systems:

      “One of the distinguishing marks of the new progressivism at whose head Obama stands is the determination to conceal the gap between what majorities want and what progressive leaders want to enact in their name while insisting proudly on the purity of their democratic credentials.” — Peter Berkowitz, quoted by James Taranto in The Elite Is Revolting.

      Demogogues are demogogues, everywhere.

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