Race memory and evolution

Suddenly too many things need to be done right now, so for a while Monday Evening will rely on other people’s work starting with:

Race-Memory, by G.K. Chesterton, 1925

(by a dazed Darwinian)

I remember, I remember,
Long before I was born,
The tree-tops where my racial self
Went dancing round at morn.

Green wavering archipelagos,
Great gusty bursts of blue,
In my race-memory I recall
(Or I am told I do).

In that green-turreted Monkeyville
(So I have often heard)
It seemed as if a Blue Baboon
Might soar like a Blue Bird.

Low crawling Fundamentalists
Glared up through the green mist,
I hung upon my tail in heaven
A Firmamentalist.

* * *

I am too fat to climb a tree,
There are no trees to climb;
Instead, the factory chimneys rise,
Unscaleable, sublime.

The past was bestial ignorance:
But I feel a little funky,
To think I’m further off from heaven
Than when I was a monkey.

Coming up on a hundred years later, we’ve dealt with those smoking factory chimneys anyway.