Rhino horn

Because of demand for their horns, rhinos are threatened with extinction Some people in China want Rhino horn because the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine tells them it cures cancer. It doesn’t. But this is China, where unscrupulous businessmen put melamine in the baby formula to save a buck. For a bogus cancer cure, there’s no need to use the real thing. It seems like a dangerous and expensive hassle to hunt down rhinos in Africa, just to get a placebo.

If rhino horn really had some therapeutic value they could raise herds of rhinos for their horns. I’m sure the meat is at least edible, and the hide has to be good for something. Rhino-hide boots could even become fashionable. Of course, you wouldn’t want to buy your rhino-hide boots from China, because they’d be fakes made of ox-hide.


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  1. Traditional Chinese medicine needs to be replaced with placebos across the board. Those people do ugly and wasteful things to critters of all kinds for their “medicine.”

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