The purpose of government regulation

It’s striking how the left suddenly sees a problem with government regulation when it interferes with abortion clinics. Government regulation has interfered with dams, factories, and power plants to the point of damaging the economy. It’s been a problem for people who want to mine coal, and drill for oil, and run a beauty shop. Regulation interferes with monks selling coffins, Amish ladies selling pies, and kids selling lemonade. Regulation burdens people who want to fly, or drive, or bicycle, or walk. In fact, government regulation interferes with people who don’t want much of nothin’ at all.

But hey, regulate abortion clinics and suddenly the left sees oppressive meddling government. Regulation that interferes with abortion clinics is bad, because a poor woman might find it harder to get an abortion. Government regulation is only supposed to make it harder for a poor man to get a job, you see.

Seen here.


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