Singin’ in the Rain, 1952

Though not a big fan of musicals, I enjoyed this. Gene Kelly plays a star of the silent movies. Donald O’Connor is his old friend from Vaudeville. Jean Hagen, playing a star silent-movie actress with an enormous ego and a voice like a crow, does a fine job.

As the studio tries to make its first talkie, Debbie Reynolds’s singing and dialogue are dubbed over Hagen’s laughably grating voice; but that’s all incidental to the singing and dancing. Gene Kelly’s choreography lets O’Conner show his extraordinary athleticism, almost to the point of frenzy in Make ‘Em Laugh. The dance number with Kelly and Debbie Reynolds in which she has an enormously long white streamer is odd, and the least successful. Singin’ in the Rain is fun light entertainment, and I’d watch it again.