Firefox CPU usage

About every 7 minutes Firefox 6.02 starts to do something, and consumes 100% of the cpu for about 2 minutes until it finishes whatever it is. Depending on what else I have open at the time, this makes the machine almost completely unresponsive. Shutting off all the extensions and plugins makes no difference.

Chrome is from Google, and it doesn’t have Firefox’s available plugins, but Chrome doesn’t do this. Whatever this is makes Firefox just about unusable. I may even have to experiment with IE.

UPDATE 16 September 2011: Since making a new profile this hasn’t happened. It’s a nuisence, because NoScript, AdBlock+, and the others need to be reinstalled and all the preferences set again. If it’s just this once, okay. If I have to do it every couple of months, something is broken. Chrome does seem to have a few useful plugins, and I expect more will follow. The problem with Chrome is Google. They increasingly have everything people want, and are everywhere they want to be; by that I mean “that’s creepy,” not “that’s convenient.”

UPDATE 3 November 2011: Deep Firefox SQL optimization


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  1. Whatever they did that “fixed” it about a month ago, my mom was driven off of it– and she HATES changing browsers. I use chrome, as does she… IE has some funkyness, as well, but nowhere near as much.

    1. I tried Safari when it came out for windows, and then forgot about it. I’ll have to try it again one of these days.

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