Another thing I didn’t know about America

We have the world’s largest concrete prairie dog. They didn’t tell us about this in school. I only know because of a traveler who did not stop to see it.


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  1. How could you have been unaware of this? What other country would have the resources, the drive, and the vision to create such a work? Like the Panama Canal and the Moon Landing, The World’s Largest Concrete Prairie Dog is something that only America could have produced.

    1. What distinguishes America from Easter Island is the variety. They made hundreds of maoi: giant stone heads, all pretty much alike. We make prairie dogs, jackalopes, chickens, ice cream cones, all kinds of stuff. There’s a quarry down the road with a successful sideline in yard statuary. Though not so big as the prairie dog, there are concrete boars, gorillas, rhinos, turkeys, pickup trucks, morel mushrooms, gnomes, geese, et cetera. Our strength is in our diversity.

  2. And what a sad traveler I am.

    However, I did see the world’s largest concrete rooster this weekend in Hillbilly Vegas (aka Branson, MO) and feel somewhat satisfied now.

    1. There’s a giant rooster around here somewhere, but it’s made of fiberglass. Giant animals made of concrete are way more impressive.

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