Russia has had its troubles

Among the troubles they share with the rest of the us are hubristic technocrats fooling around with the clocks.

But, thanks to outgoing President Dmitry Medvedev, Russians will have one less worry this winter. Last year, Medvedev made what will remain the hallmark of his placeholder presidency: he cancelled daylight saving time. Using uncharacteristically tough and decisive language to announce the move last year, he said that time changes (or, as he referred to them, ‘the troubles’) brought on ‘stress and illness’, ‘upset the human biorhythm’, and, perhaps most importantly, caused unhappiness in ‘cows and other animals that don’t understand the clocks changing’. So when most of the rest of Europe changes to daylight saving in two weeks’ time, Russia will remain firmly planted. The cows will be happy – bankers, traders, and western journalists less so.” — In Moscow, the snow comes every year, and every year it’s a surprise, by Miriam Elder

I’m with Dmitry and the cows. Contemn the bankers, traders, and western journalists.


6 Replies to “Russia has had its troubles”

  1. Oh, dear, I agree with the Reds on something? Do I have to turn in my VRWC card?

    Of course, there is always the option my folks take– don’t set the care of the cattle by the clock, set it by the light…

    1. I’m not sure how red the Russians are anymore. Daylight Savings Time fits with the kind of thing communists would have done back in the day – decree that all cows be milked at 5am and 5pm. You’d have to bribe some apparatchik to look the other way every summer. It’s also just the kind of thing a Nobel-prize-winning technocrat in DC would do in 2011. You’d have to get a waiver for unscheduled milking, and only campaign contributors would get waivers. Maybe that explains why the American left fought on the side of the USSR during the cold war.

  2. It’s way too easy to imagine this stemming from a moment in childhood.

    “What?! That’s stupid. They can’t just go around changing what time it is. [Insert lots of references to what time it “really” is all winter.] If I’m president when I grow up, there will be no time changes!”

    1. And “Why don’t they just change the thermometer!”

      Twice a year when the time change comes around I think of Sir Topham Hat saying, “You have caused confusion and delay!”

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