Efficient elder care

When a worker can no longer produce, kill him.

Commentators think China may get old before it gets rich. I’m not convinced.

Like a number of other countries, China will in a few years have too few workers to maintain output and support their aging population. China has gotten themselves into this demographic mess with their one-child policy. The Chinese government has maintained that one-child policy by forced abortions as needed, with no concern for human rights. Why would they let human rights restrain them in the future? The solution that’s obvious to a PLA technocrat is euthanasia – a one-parent policy, so to speak. “Sacrifice the little family for the big family.”

If all that restrains the Chinese government is pragmatism and efficiency, then nothing restrains them. It isn’t that the Chinese may not get rich. It’s that their own government’s policies may again cause millions to die.


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  1. That is so obvious, I can’t believe I didn’t think of it before….

    Won’t they most likely just take the same route they did to improve the STD rates– kill people who come in for treatment? Do that with old folks, and it doesn’t matter if they start avoiding doctors or not….

  2. But… aren’t we supposed to be emulating China? Because all of their people are so happy laboring for the collective? And hey, wasn’t it mentioned awhile back that if only Obama had the powers of China, and didn’t have to go through that pesky Congress… why, the miracles he could work.

    1. Thomas Friedman is a big fan of China, but the west may be leading on this one. We’re way better with euphemisms than the PLA, which doesn’t really care what people think. Our intelligentsia has been cooing about ‘death with dignity’ for a while. Fix Social Security by targeted end-of-life treatment? Someone in the administration probably wrote their dissertation on that. And euthanasia is all the rage in Europe.

      But this is America. It won’t be mandatory; not at first, maybe not ever. First books and movies will promote ‘mercy killing,’ and laws will be ‘liberalized.’ There will be social pressure to do the right thing; don’t want to be a burden, do you? Then there will be tax incentives, and maybe someday a lifetime ‘benefits cap.’ No doubt there will be waivers for the connected essential.

      1. There will be social pressure to do the right thing; don’t want to be a burden, do you?

        “Will be”? That’s come and gone deep, some ten years ago– probably best symbolized in the Schiavo case.

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