Occupy Wall Street

So mayors around the country are clearing out the Occupy Wall Street camps and starting the cleanup. Some of the camps were pretty squalid, and it’s getting colder, so I’m not sure how much it upsets the occupiers to be forced out. Maybe a committed (or paid) core will keep it going over the winter; maybe it will reform in the summer.

I still haven’t completely decided what I think about OWS. On one hand, I don’t really care what a bunch of effete vegetarians say about whatever it is they’re chanting about. On the other hand, large corporations do lobby pols for favorable treatment and pols do extort money from businessmen with the threat of regulation. To condemn that isn’t to oppose capitalism. But to call for more regulation as the solution is idiocy.

It’s difficult for me to support OWS, because the people at OWS hate people like me – middle-aged middle-class Christian white men. I don’t think much of them either, because so many of them seem to be anti-semites, goons, multi-culti idiots, and dirty.

The Washington Post favors OWS just like they hate the Tea Party. The media favors everything I oppose, and opposes everything I favor. So except for agreeing about no more bail-outs, I should oppose OWS, and I do oppose them, to the extent they support anything coherent. But, the Tea Party isn’t my primary vehicle for political expression. I generally agree with the Tea Party about the need to shrink the Federal government and cut taxes, but respect for human life is the most pressing issue of our time. Most tea-partiers are probably pro-life, and most of those occupying Wall Street are probably pro-abortion, but it isn’t the main thing for either group.

On the other hand, I haven’t been to an OWS camp. Which of my perceptions are accurate and which result from the media manipulating the story, or from me reading carelessly?

Finally I’ve run out of hands. I agree with one or two of OWS’s points, but they act like fools, they threaten public health and safety, they have nothing but disdain for people like me, and most of them are pro-abortion. So I guess they’re on their own.


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  1. We are as fragmented as we can be, socio-politically, which plays right into the hands of power elites (monied elites). Huxley and Machiavelli have a lot to remind us about, but we have, for too long, been systematically undereducated and allowed to remain semi-literate, so reading The Prince or Brave New World is beyond most High School graduates, too many undergraduates. It didn’t used to be. This too helps power elites.

  2. I don’t think you’re misunderstanding them– the aspects you picked up as negative about #OWS is echoed in every source I’ve seen, only difference being how folks react.

    Can’t remember where I saw it, but someone graphed out the comparison between the TEA party and #OWS as an X– TEA starts with “government has to much power,” #OWS with “business (or ‘those rich guys I disagree with’) has too much power.”

    They intersect at “business joining with government is bad.”

    They then go different routes, with TEA saying “cut back government, get it out of the way, make them stop interfering in business–especially the attempted engineering!” and #OWS saying (in as much as they say anything) “Smack down business/these people who do stuff with their money I don’t approve of, like not giving any to me! WE NEED MORE GOVERNMENT CONTROL!”

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