Non-violent but wicked

I’m not writing this with any particular example in mind; it’s just a general observation.

Americans today have the idea that a punch in the face is less Christian than a cutting word. It isn’t. Maybe somewhere in Proverbs it says “no hitting,” but a good big chunk of the Bible says very clearly not to gossip; and we’re not to call our brother a fool; in fact we should probably just keep our mouths shut in general.

Some Christians think physical violence of any kind is a way bigger deal than I think it is, but they show no restraint in what they say. Maybe that’s because, being human, educated Americans prefer to use the weapons with which they’re adept.* But another element is simple snobbery. They think violence is for the lower classes, people not clever enough to get what they want by talking.

The point isn’t that we should go around punching each other. It’s that we should not verbally abuse or belittle each other, or psychologically manipulate each other. Least of all should we provoke someone verbally until they retaliate physically, and then condemn them for it.

*I do it too; see the subtle shot I put in there? I’m implying educated westerners are effete girly men who talk because they can’t do anything else.


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  1. * Maybe that was your intent, but it read like basic good sense…which leads to the flip side of all the types of violence, not assuming that someone is doing it unless you’ve got good reason.

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