Global warming and stuff

Here’s more proof of global warming, as if more were needed. It’s been known for some time that the science is settled. How does an abstract experiment in physics prove global warming? Because it’s a science experiment, and everything scientific proves the earth is getting hotter. The earth is a globe;* the globe is getting hotter; therefore, global warming.

Speaking of climate, a Mongolian city hopes to cool off with huge, ‘artificial ice shields’. This will probably be better received than my admittedly vague plan to fill the basement with barrels of ice collected over the winter. Less ambitiously, in the winter I do let bottles of water freeze outside and then put them in the freezer for thermal mass. If we need space in the freezer, I move them to the refrigerator (aka “the ice box”), then back outside to freeze again. This process continues until I get bored, or someone opens the freezer and a bunch of frozen water bottles tumble out.

I always thought an unscrupulous employee could put a water bottle in the freezer at work in the morning, and then take it home frozen at night and let it thaw in his freezer at home.

*We know the earth is a globe because of Galileo; the Spanish Inquisition tried to hush him up, but his daughter got the word out.


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