John 21:12

For show-and-tell, each student was to bring an object that represented their religion and tell the class about it. First Aaron stood up and said “I’m Jewish and this is a Star of David; for me it represents the identity we have preserved for thousands of years.” Then Mary came forward and said, “I’m a Catholic and this is my Rosary. I use it in prayer to get closer to God.” Then John came to the front and said, “I’m a Methodist, and this is a casserole…”

Adapted from Why Go to Church? and other jokes about religion.


2 Replies to “John 21:12”

  1. Oooh, I think I can use that casserole…..

    (To be fair, Catholics have “their” recipes for every potluck, too– my mom’s is a jello-cottage-cheese-and-whipped-cream fruit salad, my sort-of one is Nancy Cookies, my sister does a cheese and apple platter…mom’s is the best for breakfast, though.)

    1. Those cookies sound good – lots of room for customization. It might be interesting to look at church food at different times and places. The kitchen at church has an industrial-sized mixer and related equipment specifically for making mashed potatoes, which I have not seen served at a church dinner since 1972.

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