Subway for breakfast

Costs the same as McDonald’s; food and coffee are better

For a quick breakfast at McDonald’s, I get coffee and two Sausage McMuffins. These are toasted English muffins with a sausage patty and a slice of cheese, and they’re pretty good. The total is three dollars plus tax. It’s good coffee, and sometimes I get a deal if the server thinks I look old. The restaurant is always busy and crowded. Usually the food comes quickly, but once in a while there’s an unexpectedly long wait. The parking lot is a bizarre maze full of idiots.

At Subway this morning, I got a toasted flat-bread sandwich made to order with ham, egg, cheese, and green peppers: three dollars, coffee included – they serve Seattle’s Best. This is better food, and the six-inch sandwich was filling. You can have it toasted or not, with your choice of vegetables and cheese. It takes a bit longer to get the food, and it would be hard to eat while driving without making a mess. Subway was much less busy and not crowded at all, though customers came and went steadily as I ate. The server gave me my coffee, saying with more honesty than tact, “The cream and sugar are on top of the garbage can.”

On balance, Subway wins this round.


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