Happy New Year!

If persistence is failing ten times, trying again, and succeeding, then failing ten times, trying again, and failing must be pigheadedness. This year I hope to be persistent but not pigheaded.

I look forward to reading through the Divine Comedy again; I’ve barely scratched the surface there. Other books on the list are Orality and Literacy by Walter Ong, Too Much to Know: Managing Scholarly Information before the Modern Age by Ann M. Blair, The Book of Psalms by Robert Alter, and Christianity And Culture by T.S. Eliot. As ever, much of my reading time will be taken up with random novels.

The Big Movie Project will continue. Maybe at some point I’ll assemble the posts into a single file, and get a distinguished writer to do a preface, and then make a pile of money selling the e-book. Or maybe not.

This year I want to make wine, have it cost less than wine at the store, and have it not be undrinkable. Home distilling sounds interesting, but it’s illegal here, and probably beyond my skill to do safely. I was never able to titrate reliably, so worries about wood alcohol in the product would temper my enjoyment. Fortunately, there’s white whiskey, which I find entirely drinkable on its own or with a chaser, and very good in an Old Fashioned.

The next step on the cheese project is to set up a cheese press and at least make some simple farmer’s cheese.

Since they say goals should be incremental and achievable, I also hope to eat more soup in 2012. I have good book of recipes, Twelve Months of Monastery Soups, and a one-pint thermos with a built-in spoon. Here’s a recipe for tortilla soup that sounds good.

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    1. Yogurt is pretty easy, and it’s way cheaper to make than to buy. The hidden cost to making it is the gallons of hot soapy water for washing everything. Cheese is a bit harder, and there isn’t such a big cost difference. To make it pay, you probably need a source of cheap milk. Still, if milk’s on sale you can buy extra and save a bit by turning it into cheese.

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