Carrying my stuff

I wear my wedding ring unless I’m around equipment or something. I used to wear a wristwatch, but stopped some years ago and haven’t missed it. There seem to be clocks everywhere I go.

I’d always carried my wallet in my left back pocket and a handkerchief in my right, then last fall I switched them, to equalize wear on my pants so I could get another six months out of them, and to shake things up – “Without change, something inside of us sleeps…”

When I first started carrying a wallet, I had also carried a comb behind it, because that’s what we did back in the day. A few years later I got my hair cut very short and started wearing a hat most of the time, so I stopped carrying the comb.

For as long as I’ve had to carry keys, I’ve dropped them into my right front pants pocket. A few weeks ago, I started carrying them on a short loop so they hang from my belt. They still go in my pocket, but they hang about half way down instead of falling to the lowest point. This is a big improvement; they don’t tangle up so much; it’s more comfortable; I can get them out without taking off my gloves. I’ve been able to add a small flashlight to the keyring.

Years ago I got a Leatherman multitool that I like very much, but never knew quite where and when to carry. Since the new year, I carry it on my belt all the time. Well, unless I’m flying, because with my particular background the government just can’t trust me with hand tools. Not to be either mysterious or too specific, once before 9/11 airline personnel insisted I discard my razor blades, but then asked me to please check before boarding to make sure I didn’t have a round in the chamber. My point being, stupidity isn’t new, the TSA has just greatly expanded it, so I’ll have to remember to not take the Leatherman through “security.”

It remains to figure out where to carry my cell phone. Right now I put it in a pocket, but maybe some kind of belt pouch would be better. I’m also considering wearing a sports coat as much as possible. That would let me more easily carry a notepad and pen, and would hang down over what’s quickly becoming my utility belt. The best thing to do might be to have two or three long-ish windbreaker-type work jackets, with a name embroidered on the upper left. Not my own name of course, some short name like “Al” of “Bob,” a different one on each jacket. That’s probably not really practical, but there aren’t a lot of alternatives. A cape would just be a nuisance.

UPDATE January 2012: There’s a site about what people carry called EDC – “Everyday Carry.” It’s interesting to see what people have on their person, or claim to. It seems I lack a dive watch, a flashlight powerful enough to temporarily blind an attacker, and a one-hand-opening super-sharp knife with no guard.

UPDATE 30 January 2012: I wear a hat outside when it’s cold. I wouldn’t mind a light-weight hat for summer. Could I put something in there? Probably not the cell phone, unless I could deploy an antenna for better transmission. Not a vertical antenna on top, like in 1950s science fiction – nothing goofy looking – maybe a couple of those small ones like on a wireless router. Most of the time they’d be folded down. It might be necessary to have radiation shielding in the hat though – maybe some kind of thin metallic sheet.


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  1. I’ve considered wearing a suit vest without the suit. The vest would have extra pockets sewn to the inside. Sort of a dress fishing vest.

    I’m just not the type to sport daring new fashion styles, though…

  2. If you don’t want to start a new fashion style, I believe you can wear the suit vest without the jacket, but you have to wear it with jeans. That style seems to exist already.

  3. Yes, I have seen that. There’s also the cardigan, possibly sleeveless. That could be worn with khakis or jeans. I’ve seen people tie it around their waist when it’s warmer, but that’s probably not for me.

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