The Dawn Patrol, 1938

In the first world war, chronically outnumbered British pilots go up against Germans, suffer appalling losses, and order out their comrades to near-certain death. They confront a German ace like the Red Barron, socialize amiably with a downed German pilot, and face death with gallows humor and brandy. Erroll Flynn is the star, and does better than average work. Notably good is David Niven’s portrayal of Erroll Flynn’s often-drunk comrade in arms. The Dawn Patrol is a reasonably good and entertaining war movie, and something different to watch.


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    1. The Dawn Patrol is on dvd as part of a multi-disc set of Erroll Flynn classics, along with Gentleman Jim, Dive Bomber, The Charge of the Light Brigade and one or two others. They were all at least watchable. Could be something to get from the library over a long weekend.

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